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LINDSAY STEPHENSON (On a walk back from Starbucks - a second home)

LINDSAY STEPHENSON (On a walk back from Starbucks - a second home)

Throughout the years of my journey of self employment, I’ve met countless women who have approached me and expressed that they too would like to start their own business. During almost every conversation with these super creative and talented women, I discover that fear is holding them back from moving forward with their ideas. Fear about time commitment, fear about financials, where to start, who to hire, and how to promote themselves.

What I tell women* is that fear is real. Even I get it. You’re putting yourself out there and the feeling is overwhelming. You a’e are going to have so many imposter syndrome moments. But take comfort in that almost everyone goes through this. (If people say they don’t, I’d like to bet that they are lying to us, or themselves)

It’s very overwhelming. I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve made mistakes. And I’ve learned from them, you will too. I truly believe that what is holding many back is the confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

That is where I come in.

For years I’ve been consulting with women who are looking for guidance on how to start their own hustle. I love it. It excites me. And I want to help. I’m offering one hour on-on-one calls to go over your questions and fears and I’ll give you some guidance. I’ll give you contacts if that is what you need. I’m an open book to my clients.

I hope is that after our one hour call you feel excited about going after your business idea and less overwhelmed about options that are being marketed to you. Ask me all the questions, I’ll help guide you in the right direction and introduce you and connect you to the right people to get the job done, if it’s not something I truly feel you could do on your own. And if you’re looking for more long term help, then I’m available for that too. I’ll help you consider what you may need to run a successful business. If you need, I’ll also connect you with professionals whom I’ve hired in the course of my businesses, who are amazing and can help you.


S E R V I C E S + F E E S

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The one hour phone call is for those who are looking for some answers to specific questions that may be holding them back from moving forward in their own business adventures. This one hour phone call is to help check off those nagging questions that you just can’t figure out, or even just need some guidance on what to tackle first. We can do a phone call, or, video conferencing.
** If you are in the East end of Toronto, we can also meet up for coffee if you prefer a more intimate one on one.

If you’re looking for an ongoing mentoring with your business I’m available for longer term projects. I can handle the communication with the web developer that I work with, to save you time and headaches, I can connect you with the right professionals that are amazing to help you tackle things that you just can’t do in house. If you need small graphic design help, or even a bigger branding project I can connect you with freelance designers I know and, would be amazing. Meetings can be done by video conferencing, or, in our studio in the East End of Toronto (Seasonally open)


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