Welcome! Over the past few years as my business has evolved and pivoted, I’ve found myself working with other new entrepreneurs who like me, are looking to enter the e-commerce market. After years of privately consulting, mostly female business owners, I’ve noticed a pattern in what some road blocks have been for entrepreneurs. I’ve decided to dedicate myself to posting here, to offer some of my own experiences to perhaps help others in launching their own brand. Although I have a more well known blog over at LindsayStephenson.com, which is where many people know me from, I wanted this to be a space where it was solely dedicated to business. I hope that you find some valuable resources here!

If you are ever in need of some one on one mentorship starting your own business, I welcome you to visit the Consulting + Mentorship page where you can book a singular hourly call or, a longer term mentorship that will help you as you launch your business in a thoughtful, economical and well designed (visually and organized) way.


Lindsay Stephenson