Over the last few months I've been seeing the book #GIRLBOSS all over Instagram. I didn't pay much attention to it all and judged the book by the fact that the title was .... a hashtag.

When I was in a book store a month ago, I saw the book in the best sellers section and was intrigued. I picked up the book, read the back cover and realized it looked kind of interesting -  so I bought it. Truthfully - I wasn't expecting much. I had just finished reading two very hyped  up books, and they were awful - so I was expecting this to be the same. I forgot about the purchase until I got up to the cottage and found I had packed it to come up with me. I cracked it open, and .....

.......It was amazing.

I feel as though this book is a modern day business guide for women. (I also think there are some ridiculously great lessons to be learnt by men too.) I quickly read the book, felt inspired, and am going back on my second read with a notebook in hand to make notes. She's funny. Smart. A great writer. A smart business woman. And inspiring. I'm not the target market of Nasty Gal, her business - which I worried would be a stumbling block to getting into the book. But it wasn't. Regardless of whether you fall into her demographic for she store or not, the core of the book is applicable to all. So read it. And then if you like it, share it with your daughter if you have one.