bits + pieces

I haven't done a bits + pieces in awhile. I love having a theme on the blog but life takes over. This summer has been filled with being outdoors, hosting potluck dinners with neighborhood friends and kiddos, enjoying the sun with Aubrey and Oscar, cottage trips with my family, getting Oscar prepared for starting school next week and lately, just hanging out with girlfriends once the kids are asleep. It has been an amazing, amazing summer. Wait. Can I backtrack for a second? I seriously can't believe Oscar is going to school in a matter of days. It's a weird mixture of excitement, nervousness, and this lady over here freaking out. I'm not going to cry when I drop him off. But I will be feeling a little anxiety I think - anxiety hoping he likes it, is happy, likes his teacher. Anyhow, but really ..... having the WHOLE day to myself? Yup. No really, I think I'm going to be waiting on my front porch for hearing the bell ring, and then I'll run down the street to go get him.

Annnnyhow. All of this being said, I don't have much to share for a "bits + pieces" post because everything I'm working on, I really want to share via their own dedicated posts. Once we're into a routine over here with Oscar in school, and me having the day to work, I think I'll have way more time to actually regroup and post what I have been wanting to post over the last month!

Have a great weekend! xo
Lindsaybits + pieces