Virginia Johnson's Garden Collection

I received a lovely gift in the mail the other day from none other than Canadian design icon Virginia Johnson. I'm the biggest fan of her work - and have been for quite some time - coveting her shawls forever. (Which, by the way she has one that I think most home bloggers will find awesome) She's expanded her design business, and her latest venture has been into the home decor with a garden collection. In the mail I received the loveliest flora blue vase from her new garden collection. I have to tell you that the collection is ridiculously perfect and, fits beautifully within her brand. It seems like a natural growth. As an artist myself, I'm intrigued with how she's successfully growing her line.

You'd think with "new" garden lines, they would look new. But she's gone antique, and, vintage in her finishes. The shape is modern yet the finish is antiqued perfectly. Crackles in the plaster, compliment Virginia's fluid brush brokes of her art.

Virginia wrote on the card that she would love to see how I used it. (Yeah, I may have saved that card - the one where she wrote my name, and signed it with hers - awwwweeeesome!) So I went to my local garden centre and browsed the aisles. You could obviously use it as a vase, but I wanted to do something that worked with the vase - and would see like something that would fit - I ended up walking by the English Lavender and knew right there that it was what would go in it.

You can find her collection in her shop but you can also find a store near you. 

Ps., The prices are ridiculously affordable, especially considering they are from her collection. So it's a wonderful way of having a Virginia Johnson piece in your home! My pot retails for $18.00 - crazy!

*I was given the planter as a gift. Photographs and opinions are totally my own. Including my gushing and adoration for the artist.