a video tour of our garden

As I mentioned last week, PC Garden came and hosted a

garden party at my house.

When they left, my garden was very much the same at first glance however if you look closely in the ground, planted among the perennials that I had planted over the years (like hydrangeas, peonies and service berry trees) were vegetables. I always assumed you needed dedicated areas in a garden to grow food, but without any issue, vegetables were incorporated into my garden.

As you may have noticed from my post


, I needed some "zen" the other day and took it upon myself to shoot a video in the garden, documenting some of the life that grows back there. Sometimes I need to try out new ways of being creative, in order to feel like I'm pushing myself creatively and occasionally, give myself a creative break from other projects. Anyways, this is why I'm experimenting with video on my blog more as of lately. xo Linds

Ps., Oscar makes a brief, and sweet appearance at the very end!