obsessed with / turkish rugs

I'm a little majorly obsessed with hunting for Turkish rugs or the term "Kilims" on Etsy and Ebay. I'm not savvy on what the terms mean, only that when I search those terms, rugs pop up that I love. I have absolutely NO money to spend on a rug, so Aubrey thinks I'm a sucker for pain because whenever I see one and then I groan about the injustice of it all.* The above rug was a recent find on Ebay and it's KILLING me that it's $2,500. I would love to add a rug like this to the basement makeover, or, as a runner in our kitchen. Oh, how lovely it is. Isn't she lovely? Someone buy her please and give her a good home. Or buy it for me, and I can have it and save it for when we have a bigger house. Everything about this carpet is divine. There are more on Etsy, which I continuously drool over too.

*I'm dramatic. I don't groan. I may mutter to myself. Ok, maybe I do groan dramatically.