"like my mother always said ..." by Erin McHugh

I often tell my Mom that she has the most amazing way with words. She has this crazy ability to listen, and come back with thoughtful advice. She has some classic sayings, like my marriage advice "Pick your battles" (which has worked well when becoming a Mom too) and also, "Little Mice Eat Big Holes" when it comes to frivolous spending. So it was with amusement when I saw this book "like my mother always said ..." by Erin McHugh at Chapters a few weeks ago, with a collection of women sharing their Mother's own sayings. I's equal parts heartwarming as it is funny. I loved it so much I picked one up for my Mom and one for myself. It's strangely comforting to have beside my table as it's like this little insight into Mother's advice. Some hilarious, reminiscent of days gone by and Grandmothers and their advice. It's just sweet. Anyhow, I recommend it to have beside your bed. It's really quite fun to pick up and read every so often. xo Lindsay