using ikea's smallest ribba frame

I use big box store frames throughout my home and hack them by either getting new mats cut, removing the matting all together, or painting the matting. (See a whole bunch of posts here) I've switched around my living room over here and soon you'll see a lot of examples of how I've used the tricks of hacking frames in my own home.

I wanted to share this trick of using Ikea's 9" x 9" Ribba Frame that I think isn't used a lot in homes, as it's tricky to find art for it. It's also a shadow box frame, but I use it most commonly as a frame without matting, and push the art to the front of the glass. I think it's the sweetest little frame and with thinking outside the box it works as a great frame for a little ones room or as part of a gallery wall. I created this little video for my shop to show how my 8.5" x 11" prints work even in this small frame - you just need to trust yourself with some scissors! :)