fire pits

I've wanted a fire pit for as long as we've had a garden. It reminds me of the cottage and also, is just such a great way to connect with friends - roasting mashmallows over an open flame. We're lucky to have a REALLY long backyard that backs onto a laneway - a perfect spot to put a pit - so that the smoke doesn't bother any neighbours that may have an open window. Far enough away, the smell of burning wood really is lovely. But not so much if it's right by your window. So I consider us lucky with having a really long backyard. Aubrey bought one for me a few weeks ago, and this week we had an impromptu bonfire with Oscar's friends and roasted marshmallows after dinner.

Although I would have loved a stone firepit incorporated into our garden, they are terribly expensive and I'm not sold on that our garden design as it currently is, is going to stay as such. So something like this (around $100) is perfect. Love it!