thrift shop finds

love thrift shops. I find some pretty ridiculously fun things and I think my luck is a combination of going a lot, not debating things too much and just buying things without too much hesitation (the prices make that possible) and lastly - envisioning things outside of the harsh glare of the thrift store.  I owe that last trick to Pinterest - the constant inspiration that I see in my feed at night on my phone as I lie in bed - looking at rooms that inspire me. I start to see trends in what I like. And recently - it has been a love of Mid Century and vintage. Which as luck would have it - is something that thrift shops are abundant in! Last week I was at Value Village and spotted these three pieces of pottery and stopped in my tracks. I loved them. But I couldn't picture where I would put them. I snapped a picture and, posted it to Instagram and - walked away. (Silly me) On Instagram Erica weighed in saying they would be great as lamps. It hit me that I had done what I tell people not to do. Leave things you love behind. Rooky mistake. So I turned the car around and drove back. I bought all three. I gave one to Janine, as I knew I wouldn't have use for all three, and two came home with me. What I wanted to show you is the difference environments can make. The top is the thrift store, and the bottom two - when I got the vases home. I adore these vases so much and they are slowly bringing some colour into our home. :)