Over the last year I have struggled with not being inspired to draw / sketch. A younger me could have drawn for hours upon hours - but I've lost the interest in my cartoon drawings of "Penny People". It has started to bother me that I didn't know what to draw. The lack of interest and passion to do it was a source of a little stress. And so, I have been focusing on trying to get out of that funk.

I've been doing a few things - I invested in some new tools to draw with and I started looking at art I would have in my home - art that I loved to look at. I've realized that my love is lying with abstract as I mentioned in this post, but also - the lines of figure drawing and sketching of people. And in this exploration of art, I started to be reacquainted with some famous men such as-  Matisse and Picasso  and saw that they have varying styles of art. With these new discoveries I've been finding inspiration everywhere and have an overwhelming desire to sketch and draw. 

As an artist, it's terribly hard to deviate from a style of work people know you for - I don't know if one ever grows out of being timid to show work.  I framed the sketch of gentlemen that I did a few weeks back, and it hangs in our living room (shown above). Funny thing, it actually reminds me a lot of my Dad. It's amazing - a few lines and you have a face, and one that can remind you of someone. I may work up the courage to sell the prints as I think they are absolutely beautiful (I'm biased obviously) But I have to work on a more cohesive collection. If you like the same type of art, below will be of interest to you...

If you like the look of simple lines and sketches - I thought I'd show some of the ones I found on Etsy. I think the top are absolutely beautiful. A younger me may have been embarrassed at the nudes but I think bums are terribly cute and I think the human form - especially a womans, is beautiful. Maybe because my body changed after childbirth and I've grown more comfortable with it - can I see the beauty in the curves. Anyhow, just some reflection today on my art, where it was and where it's going I suppose.

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