paint indecision.

Remember I bought this cabinet? Well, above is what has been going on with it. It needed to be painted - you see although I loved the original wood it was just too damaged to repair.

For paint - I am a fan of white, but know I have to go out of my comfort zone sometimes to try different colours - which is why I started off with grey. Although it looked nice, it wasn't right for me, and our house, so I painted it a lighter shade of grey (not shown) and then finally, settled on the fact that it had to be white, like I originally felt it should be. What I haven't shown is the "final" after of the cabinet - which is actually pretty awesome. The cabinet actually has had a domino effect on doing other changes in our basement which are pretty neat and do require more explanation, so I'll go into those DIY projects another time.

Just thought this update was required before I addressed the next stage of changes over here!