abstract art inspiration

I love when a feeling of inspiration hits. For any creative, you'll recognize the feeling - a rush, a sense of excitement, a relief (possibly from a bout of creative block). That excitement over suddenly feeling inspired - whether your decorating a home, designing, illustrating, painting - is really a great feeling. I suffered from a creative block for awhile, and have been doing a lot of steps to get out of that funk. Immersing myself in soaking in more art, getting out of the house, researching artists - Lately I've been truly obsessed and feeling inspired by abstract art. It has been filling up my Art Pinterest board for awhile and I started to see more and more of a trend towards bold silhouette art. Oh how I love it so.

From experience of trying to do my own art, I can tell you it's not that easy to do when as adults we seek perfection and it's hard to just "let go" with creativity. That being said, I'm trying to do my own abstract art to bring into the home as I'm not really in a position to afford art like the above. So I am open to trying to make some.

Anyhow, this is a pre-post to again explain some future posts of what you'll see coming together in my house. Everything has a process, and for me the first step is always trying to find inspiration - and lately it has most definitely been abstract art.

Art Sources.