rock monsters

Friday I decided to make Rock Monsters with Oscar. The project filled the better part of the day and became slightly addictive. Oscar's rocks can be seen here - They weren't available for the photograph above above as Oscar had since hidden the rocks throughout our house. (I found one in my closet this morning)

I took Oscar to Lowes and we picked up some paint sample pots ($5.00) in colours we wanted*. You can use more child friendly paint - but I wanted the coverage that the wall paint would give.  We were using it in such small amounts that for this project it worked for us. I really don't think you need any instructions other than the encouragement to do it. It's fun - has a lot of different steps makes it a day long project with your little one (going to find rocks, washing them, painting them, picking how many eyes and teeth they should have) Plus - they end up being ridiculously cute.

*Have you seen these Pantone paint chips? They are gorgeous!
Body: Paint 1 colour, let it dry (maybe an hour) and then paint a second colour should you wish
Eyes: I used a black sharpie for the eyes.  Oscar used googly eyes. 
Mouth: Black Paint
Teeth: Once the mouth has dried, I used white paint for the teeth
Inspiration: Pinterest