New Solid Gold Collection + Save 25%

Sorry for the lack of home posts. There are a LOT of projects in the works, but I'm having a hard time actually getting around to (1) completing them and (2) blogging them. Blurg. Soon. I swear. 

Anyhow, what I can show you is a new collection that I'm ridiculously excited to share, that has been a long time in the works- a new Gold Collection of prints of some of my most popular typography prints. There are a lot more styles coming but I'm not good at secrets so I thought I'd show you two that are available right now above. And plus, as a "holy moly I can't contain myself" sale, you can save 25% off them, or, the black prints in the shop that are available for pre-order.

How to save 25%: Enter SOLIDGOLD when checking out. Applicable to the pre-order prints as well. Sale ends Saturday.

Available online at and in a few weeks, on Etsy too.