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Ahhhh Friday. It actually was a pretty lovely week. That being said, I'm feeling a teensy bit anxious because I have a lot on the go and I'm finding it hard to get into the groove after the holidays. It's in part due to the fact that Aubrey has switched his work week around for a few weesks so my typical schedule is off. As a self employed stay-at-home mom ... it's the recipe for disaster. I'll be happy when he's back to his regular schedule, so I can feel like I know when I'll be able to work. Anyhow, enough of me blabbering on about that. My paperwhites came to their demise this past week - They had an awesome run - they blossomed and did beautifully throughout the holiday season. I'm for going to do the same next year - although the aroma of the flowers at first bothered Aubrey (they are somewhat potent) the scent dissipated after a few days and we were left with pretty white flowers and no scent. With the paperwhites gone I craved more greenery rather quickly so Oscar and I went and bought a few containers of hyacinths and other bulbs & I planted them into my blue & white pottery and placed them throughout the house. (Ps., I found that little blue and white china box at Value Village and it now sits on my vanity. I adore it.)

Some other things:

Anyhow, I thought these photos were pretty so wanted to just post them as a set. xo Lindsay
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