Gift Idea for Kids, LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog

About a month ago my Mom called me up and mentioned that she thought that she'd like to get Oscar a LeapPad Ultra for Christmas and wondered my thoughts. Mom and I are really familiar with the Leap Frog brand. You see, I worked for a toy store for 10 years - first as a teen as a sales staff all the way through to working at the Head Office after University. So although I'm new as a consumer to the toy world- I'm really, really comfortable with toys and familiar with certain brands like LeapFrog. I know that their products are really well made, stand up to the test of time, are educational and are a great investment. Although the Ultra is for officially 4 years and up, I thought that Oscar at 3.5 years old was pretty fine with technology and figuring things out - mostly because he knows his way around my iPad more than I do.

Because of my blog, and Oscar - the team at Leap Frog have generously reached out to me in the past. But we never really got into many electronic toys for Oscar when he was younger as my iPad was being enjoyed by the whole family. But fast forward to today and I thought it was perfect timing to give Oscar his own tablet- that was age appropriate. You see apart from wanting my own iPad back - Oscar is finding his way around YouTube like you wouldn't believe. Although I'm supervising (for the most part) he's getting a little too comfortable with my tablet. The Ultra tablet comes with parent safe controls and gives me a little more peace of mind so that I can pass it to him in the car, and let him play without me worrying what on earth he's watching. (Like this video thanks to my Brother, which is now Oscar's favourite song) So I felt like it was an ok time, and perfect product to accept from our friends at LeapFrog.

My Mom suggested that we set up the tablet prior to Christmas morning. Because of that suggestion I was able to shoot a video for you of the tablet, prior to Oscar opening it. (I did this at night when Oscar was asleep, so not to see it) So below is a video of just the tablet and some of the features.

So this will be Oscar's gift from Grandma this Christmas. I get my iPad back, and don't have to freak out when he starts surfing YouTube (which he does). I'll have to show you more of it in "action" after Christmas as I want to let Oscar play with it. If you were looking for a great gift idea for that young one on the list - this may be a great one to grab before the big day!

xo Lindsay

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