A new advent calendar idea...

For a number of years now I've talked about Advent calendars around this time of the year. I was inspired by this one, saw a similar one here, then did my own here, and here, but I truthfully found the whole process exhausting to find little things to put into the bags. Oscar also had a hard time understanding that each one was meant to be a different day. So for us, it was pretty hard (perhaps because I am pretty worn out by the time December 1st rolls around) that I have absolutely zero energy to tell a three year old he can't open ALL the bags all at once. But my hope, and perhaps Christmas spirit came back when I saw a pin last night of the advent calendar below.

Called the Advent Calendar of service, it is a free PDF of download of kind things to do .... what I consider - Christmas spirit. So I have decided to try this one this year for us. It just made me smile, and I think the person that came up with this is a genius. (And obviously a nice person) You can do envelopes like is shown above, or, do the cotton bags or even kraft bags.

Anyhow, I had to share it. It is so sweet.