bits + pieces

Happy Friday! Nothing exciting over here but here is a roundup of what didn't get blogged about this week. Above is our kitchen table centerpiece - The owl is from HomeSense, the miniature pumpkin was given to Oscar by his friends at the florist and the bat I cut out and Oscar taped onto pipe cleaners. The pipe cleaners make the bat "bouncy" so they float around when Oscar runs around with them in his hands. Totally a spur of the moment idea that gave Oscar hours of entertainment. Score. We also cut out pumpkin silhouettes from Orange paper and taped them onto Popsicle sticks (not shown) and had a puppet show. Totally simple but ridiculously fun for an hour. Ps., The bat did have google eyes on him but Oscar pulled them off.

That's it! Have a great weekend. I'm off to pick up the little guy from school.

xo Linds
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