druzy necklaces

When I was pregnant with Oscar in 2009 I spontaneously purchased a necklace (above) that quickly became a favourite piece in my jewelry collection. It looks like a gold nugget and sits flat against my chest.The necklace chain is so thin that it almost disappears against my skin making the nugget look like it is floating on my neck.

I have fond memories of buying it - When I was pregnant I was pretty bummed out a lot of the time. I was sick my entire pregnancy and gained a lot of weight. Nothing fit, and if something did fit, I just didn't feel pretty*. So when this necklace arrived I remember feeling like I had something special on. Four years later it is still one of my favourite pieces. I wear it all the time- it is discrete enough that I can wear it with a t-shirt (as I am below) or it can come off as a statement piece when paired with a more formal outfit. At $80 it was pretty expensive for such a wee piece, but it has definitely gotten a lot of mileage in my wardrobe.

A few months ago I spotted a similar necklace on Etsy and the term they used in the description was "Druzy". I was pretty excited because my beloved necklace was available in so many different colours. After searching Etsy more for "Druzy necklaces" I came across a ton of necklaces much like my own and unfortunately for me - all at much better prices than what I had paid. Although you can search Etsy for Druzy pieces I've put a few of my favourites, including the ones above, on this page.  I have a few in my own cart, and I'm waiting for a moment to buy some more.

I think this is maybe why I love jewelry so much - A perfect piece can make you feel pretty when the nicest of clothes can't. It won't shrink in the wash, or get too small if your badonkadonk gets too big because of a baby. ;)

* Those 9 months were obviously worth it for my sweet little Oscar. 
* Here is a discussion on what the term Druzy means I was in the dark about this term.
* Unfortunately I can't recall the website that I bought my necklace from in 2009 :(
*Some write it as Druzy (as I have) and others write Drusy. Do you know which is right?
LindsayEtsy, Lindsay