Costco. Go in for salad, come out with .....

So I went into Costco with my Mom two weeks ago and went in for salad and left with a monster sandbox. They get me every-time.

I had been on the lookout for a sandbox so it wasn't too much of an impromptu purchase. The fact that it was under $200, a really nice design, came with a cover (for sun protection) and an additional cover to protect the sand from rain, and animals, I did a happy dance at the find.  I was a bit worried that the cover - blue, green and red - would look circusy from the house but where we've have positioned the sandbox it's hidden from view because of the lilac tree. We now have a nice little nook in the backyard where Oscar and his friends can play with the sand and his playhouse (also from Costco). 

We went to Home Depot and loaded up 16 bags of play sand into our little itty bitty car and drove home really slowly because it was about 1,000 pounds worth of sand in our car - so we were riding realllllly low. But we managed to get the bags home without breaking our car.

We were in a bit of a rush to build it because Oscar was having some of his friends over for a birthday BBQ - and I'm so glad we did have it ready as the kids had so much fun with it. Anyhow, more pictures of his party tomorrow but I had to share this find!

*I unfortunately couldn't find the sandbox on the Costco website, however I did find it here (but it's more expensive than at Costco) The official name of the sandbox is Gorilla Playsets, Play-ZeeBo Children's Sandbox. It's also at Target in the US.

LindsayLindsay, Oscar