bathroom reno pictures

Sorry for the quiet. With the exception of checking work e-mails once a day to make sure I can help customers, I'm not drawn to the computer very much while living with my family. There is less of a feeling of the need to work while here and it feels slightly like a little vacation. I know the feeling isn't mutual for Aubrey - as he's in the thick of the renovation.

I've yet to see the progress of the reno in person, but get photos sent to me via e-mail. The boys got the new tub in place (top photo) and bumped out the bathroom wall to create a nook for the new vanity - giving us more floor space in our very tiny washroom. Tomorrow the drywall guys come and things start being put back together. We're a long way away from completion but perhaps inching closer to when it won't be super dirty and Oscar and I can move home.

Anyhow, I do love some good photos of rooms that are torn down to the studs. :)