a quick trip before coming home

I'm back home! But before I did the official move back, we did a quick trip to the cottage for the long weekend. Three cars full of adults, one (soon to be) three year old and a dog = the best weekend ever.

The weekend obviously included some antiquing. Or as Aubrey says "looking at old stuff." Aubrey got out of having to accompany me to antique stores as my brother is like me and enjoys the hunt of trying to finding treasures. (See this post on some of my favourite spots in cottage country) I spotted that awesome spindle bed, and although I have no place to put it in our house I ended up buying it because it was ridiculously well priced and I always regretted passing this one up in 2011. Plus, since we have a shed - I now have a place to store it. I'm thinking it would be gorgeous painted a green? I also spotted that HUGE green glass jar and sent Debra a picture as I remembered that she had blogged about liking similar jars. We got rid of an old favorite chair that was on its last legs - but before it went to the dump each family member sat in it and my brother took a picture. It made for a series of hilarious shots.

Back to the house - the bathroom is continuing to be tiled - Aubrey found the larger tiles to be slightly more difficult than the small subway tiles but he is now on a roll. I'll post some updates on the bathroom tomorrow!

xo Linds

Ps., Can you spot the moon in the top photo?