pinterest recipes - yum

This evening at family dinner I was telling my Mom about how I adore Pinterest for finding recipes. Although I use pinterest primarily for home decor - the site is quickly becoming a place where I'm spotting recipes I'd like to make.  In the last week I  made these do-it-yourself orange creamsicles. So yummy. The other recipe that we've made a few dozen times is the Salmon with avacado salsa. Aubrey chops the avocado into smaller bits contrary to what is shown in the picture, but it's really, really good.

However - be careful of the pin descriptions! Sometimes people put the actual recipe in the pin description which in some cases is helpful but other cases annoying when the recipe is super long. Regardless - don't rely on that description as it potentially is a case of broken telephone. For example - the creamsicle recipe. The original pin description said to use coconut milk  - the result being that our creamsicles were orange and yummy but were not very creamy. I found that to be a bit of a let down but Oscar still LOVED them. Tonight, composing this post -  I clicked through to the actual recipe and saw that there was zero mention of coconut milk but instead to use cream (or ice cream). Although far less healthier - it was a switch that would likely change the taste to be more authentic to a creamsicle. I've since modified my pin description so that others don't make the same mistake, but noted that we tried the coconut milk and liked it.

Next I'd like to make this banana ice cream, these mini cakes, and this pistachio cake. Obviously I have a sweet tooth. :) Any recipes that you can recommend that you've found via Pinterest? Do you think this changes the world of recipe books?

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