new purchase

This is kind of a random post about a little purchase - but sometimes the little purchases are worthy of sharing. Last month I bought an Amrita Singh bracelet off Zulily and it arrived last week. I'm a jewelry nut - but typically I stick to buying necklaces because as I have the unfortunate problem that bracelets don't usually fit on my hand.  :( What made me buy this on a whim was that the bracelet was stretchy. Stretchy bracelets aren't a new thing, and I've avoided them before because typically they look cheap but because of all of the hanging jewels on this one it doesn't look like a stretchy bracelet at all (or cheap)  So if you are like me and have a hard time with bracelets this one is awesome. Although I bought it on Zulily, after goggling I found it on Amazon as well. So you can buy one too. But if you're on Zulily you can watch for it to go on sale.

*Zulily is an affiliate link.