have any questions?

Since revealling the kitchen in September I get a lot of e-mails asking whether or not we still like our Ikea cabinets, if we're happy with the appliances, can an adult really sit on the bench we made in the eat in kitchen (the answer to the last one is yes by the way) or are the cabinets off white. A lot of questions can be answered if you go back through the months of posts as we designed the kitchen, but I know that for new readers it may be extremely hard to find those answers.  Although I love trying to help out via e-mail and respond (and will continue to do so) the amount of e-mails that come through has had me wondering whether I should do a FAQ post, answering on the blog your burning questions.

So here's what I'd like to do. If you have any questions about the kitchen (which is the subject of the majority of the e-mails I get) or other projects on my blog, or maybe even perhaps about blogging, or blog advertising, etc. etc....ask away! If you know me in real life I'm pretty open and happy to share information.*  You can send your questions either via e-mail to aubreyandlindsay@hotmail.com, or via the comments below and I'll do a follow up post or two here on the blog, answering the questions.

This may be totally silly and no one may have any questions now that I put this out there - but I will do a post soon with some of the frequently asked questions about the kitchen. I just wanted to give others an oppertunity to get questions answered too!

xo Lindsay

Ps., Everything is pretty much fair game, but obviously if something is super personal I may politely decline.