you are loved

Aubrey is at work all this week, which is unusual for us - typically he has three weekdays at home and works weekends. It sounds unusual, and may be weird for most households but totally works for us. Anyways, this week has thrown me for a little bit of a loop and my time in the studio is irregular and my blogging is kind of taking a back seat. I'll be back on Monday with a giveaway that I think anyone with a baby on the way, or little ones will really, really love.

Ps., Kristen e-mailed me the photo from her son's nursery - she picked up one of my 'You are Loved' in blue from HomeSense in Ottawa. I seriously love how it looks. I don`t have this print available in my shop yet - it`s only found in retail stores but it will be added to my shop along with others soon. Also - I was so excited to see that Sarah Gunn featured my favourite print on CityLine on Monday (the video doesn`t seem to be working right now). I snapped some pictures of it on TV and I`ll post those later on. But you can also see her roundup of great kids art here.