my life via my phone....

It's one of those weeks where I feel the above best describes what is going on over here. A mishmash of everything. Anyways, here is what I captured on my phone over the last 7 days. Ps., a little one, who will go un-named dropped my iphone and the back of it smashed. So I *may* be getting a iPhone 5 that I've been itching for. I find it hard to upgrade phones when my current one still works - So the phone smashing was perhaps a blessing in disguise. ;)

[1] I launched a new collection in my shop of products with clouds that feels very pretty spring like. This was a shot of me bringing my Mom samples - she's my product tester. (She also got a note pad that is super cute)

[2] I have embraced the wall of cork board in my office that I had previously debated taking down and it's actually proving to be helpful as I tack up inspiration for my Summer collection as well as bathroom reno inspiration pictures.

[3] I'm trying to get back into sketching. Oscar usually makes an appearance in sketches.

[4] I'm in love with the used bookstore in our neighbourhood. Although I order a lot from online I'm trying to  remind myself to go into our local store to browse. It's pretty special. Anyhow, our store was having a 50% off kids book sale so I stocked up on books for the cottage.

[5] Blinds from Tonic are up, reveal coming soon!

[6] Oscar has dropped his nap but occasionally he'll pass out in my bed.

[7] My family's sense of humour. (Ps., his name is Andrew.)

Still loving these blocks (and be sure to enter for your own).