new art prints

Over the last few weeks I've been working on some new art for the shop and just last week I released two new prints - "You are my Favourite" and, my Night Sky print shown above in my office. I'm in LOVE with them. Work wise, some new art from my art publisher will be rolling out into retail stores in the next few months and I continue to see my "Big Deal" print and some Alphabet Prints in shops like HomeSense which is neat. I still get people e-mailing me photos when they spot my artwork in a store - I can't describe how fun it is to see those. (Thank you!)

As you can see my little office is looking a wee bit full. Or maybe it doesn't look full to you, but it feels like it to me. I LOVE working from home but as my little co. grows - my office is feeling a little tight. I dare not leave the comforts of home. Being an e-commerce shop I don't need a storefront, but having extra space has been making me day dream. Maybe the alternative is that I need something like this...? :) Yeah right.

Anyhow, really just wanted to post the two new art prints that I adore. xo

Ps., You know what's driving me crazy? The laminate flooring is "foggy" under my office chair because I roll around a lot in this area.  I have to google whether or not I can do anything to fix this. Drives me nuts.