toronto christmas market

We took a trip to the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District on Monday night. Last year we went in the daytime, but after seeing photos of how magical it looked at night I thought that this year we'd try to make it right as the sun was setting.  It was magical. Oscar did two carousel rides, one train ride, had a grilled cheese sandwhich, met Santa, listened to carols and ran around the cobblestone streets ringing his big gold bell that he brought for the occasion (which you can spot in one of the photos above).

I'm finding getting into Christmas a little bit hard this year - which I know is understandable. Our house isn't really decorated for the season and I'm not feeling any urgency to pull out the decor - but the magic of Christmas really came back seeing the excitement through Oscar tonight. Plus, it's hard not to feel festive when you see Santa, hear carols, and you're outside with twinkling lights all around you. It really is a gorgeous spot to visit.

Tips: We went around 4:00pm when the light was starting to fade. Although it's likely not the case on weekends we had no problems finding parking and Oscar didn't have to wait in a line for Santa.