dollar store finds, mini bowls

I picked up the cutest little dishes at my favourite dollar store in Toronto. You wouldn't know of the store unless you happened to walk into the mall as it's not advertised on any sign, but it's impossible to miss once you walk into this mini mall.

Little dishes like this are just pretty fun to have in the house as they really can be used for a lot of uses. I used them to hold some berries for Oscar during our picnic (shown above) over the weekend. They can be used to hold dips like ketchup if you have french fries with a meal. When Aubrey and I have oatmeal in the morning, and we like different toppings (brown sugar, raisins etc) you could put each topping in their own respective bowl at the table. It just makes things a little extra special.

Mini Bowls, Three for $1.00

Ps., I was hit with a pretty awful cold, that got better and then got worse again. It just wears you out. So on the weekend Oscar and I just had really quiet mornings and I napped with him before we went off to all the Christmas parties. The picnic was an awesome way to add a little bit of excitement to the day. ;)