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So much has happened over the last few weeks and I have yet to really write about much of it. I blame it on getting a monster cold that knocked me off my feet and being totally focused on work. So here is a roundup of the last weeks events...

  1. We celebrated Oscar's half birthday. Yes. We celebrate half birthdays. We love reasons to celebrate (and eat cake)
  2. Home Depot sent me some of their Martha Stewart holiday ornaments.  I love the collection they sent because of the faux round pine cones.
  3. Aubrey finished the front hall tile!
  4. Thanks to Shoana for featuring my mini cotton bags + Free advent printable on Cityline last week. Sales of the little bags went crazy!
  5. We took Oscar to his first rock concert. Raffi!!! 
  6. Oscar was star struck. Maybe I was a little too. It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. 
  7. I attended a Brother Printer event thanks to Yummy Mummy Club and Sarah Gunn. We were gifted a gorgeous printer. Because I have a huge monster printer of my own that I use for my shop, I gave the printer to my Mom - who had been saying for awhile that she needed a new printer. She was super excited. :) 
  8. The lovely ladies, Sarah and Leigh-Anne have been so kind in supporting my little shop - Sarah used one of my stamps on Cityline and Leigh-Anne has a few cool projects that she's been working on for the show. Had a great time hanging out with them at the Brother event (picture no.7) even though I was McSneezy. 
That I think brings me up to date on what has been going on in my life. :)
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