Ikea's Ornaments

Ikea kindly invited me to shop their Holiday collection to see if I could find any items that I could have fun with. Always up for a challenge I popped into Ikea a few weeks ago and I instantly fell for the JULMYS red breasted birds ($8.99 for 4) as they reminded me of my Mom. Mom has a love for birds during the holidays, and finds the cutest ways to incorporate them into her decorating. .

When I spotted these birds at Ikea I picked up a collection of them and brought them back to my Mom's house. Instead of hanging them on a tree, as I suppose they are designed for - Mom took the birds and hung them in the middle of some craft store wreaths. She hung a bird in each window frame along the back of the house.  It's a super economical, low fuss, diy project that you can do to add some character to your home for the Holidays.

Here are some other shots from the shopping trip. 1. The birds that I spotted when I fell in love. 2. The store decked out for Christmas 3. Oscar fell in LOVE with this soft toy Bulldog, which he quickly named Ralphie. And he had to come home with us. 4. Another Ikea Red breasted bird hangs in my Mom's wreath on her front door.

Anyhow, just an easy as pie project that brings a little whimsy to your decorating. Follow other Ikea design tips by following their hashtag #IKEADesign