birch, magnolia leaves and greenery....

I took a break this morning to do one of my front planters on our porch. I love doing the planters as they add such warmth to the front of the house. But because of the cost to do two large planters (it's not inexpensive) I typically skip doing Fall arrangements as the season is so short. I personally prefer to invest in a "Winter" arrangement as it lasts throughout November, December, January and February.

A few days ago I saw a store put out their collection of birch branches and I grabbed three logs for each pot, some greenery and some magnolia leaves. I ran out of greenery for the 2nd pot, so it's 1/2 finished. But you can see one of my pots in progress. I appreciate it may be a wee bit early, but the birch logs are hard to find when you want them. Just a wee break I took this morning to distract from the work that was piling up inside.

Ps., I had two visitors come to the door today .... one real estate agent handing out her card and the UPS guy. The dialogue with the UPS guy was hilarious. He asked.. "What do the three logs mean?". Confused, I said "What do they mean?" and he responded "Yeah, I see a lot of people in the Beach have three birch logs, and I wondered what the meaning was" and then i found myself trying to explain that it was purely a decorative design element and that two logs is too little, four is too many, but three was the perfect number. I'm not sure he was anticipating a design lesson but I laughed at the idea that he thought the birch logs on the porch was some inside cult thing.