rainy afternoon

It was raining outside. Oscar was playing quietly in his room.... I stepped in to make sure he wasn't causing mischief and caught this moment - he was playing with his rabbits & making up sweet little conversations. I quickly took this photo with my phone and tip toed out and went back to quietly folding laundry in my bedroom. It was too sweet not to share.

Speaking of little ones I've added a complimentary advertisement on my blog for "Change for Kids" - a program for Holland Bloorview | Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation.  I'm very passionate about any organization founded to help children and adults/children with disabilities. If you have a moment please take a peek at their website and see what they are doing for Halloween. xoxo Linds

Ps., Thank you for all your support on the launch of my collection. You can see some photos of my art  spotted around Ontario on my facebook page. Love it. :) xo