obsessed with scarves

After spotting this scarf a few weeks ago I have been on a mission to find some interesting scarves to update my wardrobe. I don't really have the budget to give my closet an overhaul - so adding in some scarves in modern colours will hopefully help my sad closet.

I purchase two (#1 and #4) on www.Zulily.com. At $17 each - they were totally budget friendly. I'm a wee bit obsessed with Virgina Johnson's shawls but at $195 each they are a little out of my budget. A girl can dream. Side note re: Zulily.com, they ship to Canada for a super reasonable rate - something that is rare in online shopping land.

Ps., I had to google whether the plural of scarf was "scarves" or "scarfs". 
P.p.s., To be upfront --- If you do shop on Zulily and use the link to their site, I get "referral" dollars should someone buy something. Feel free to visit without the link, which gives me no credit dollars.