Living Room, Take 2

I posted some changes to our living room a few weeks back but ever since I posted the photo, the art placement had been bothering me. Truthfully when I viewed the room via my camera lens, I felt as though the art was too small and far apart from eachother. So I took out two smaller pieces and replaced it with my flamingo print. Aubrey says the flamingo print (shown below) should be in a gold frame to match the others. But I think the white breaks it up. Thoughts?

Instead of trying to create art for above the console table I stole my gold mirror from my bedroom. And it's perfect. I think. (I suck at making decisions.) The mirror adds a lot of light to the room and takes away pressure to paint the perfect piece. It's really, really hard to paint at 40" x 40".

Anyways, just some insight into the decorating adventures of this indecisive woman.

Ps., I sold my big 40"x40" painting, and I think from now on I'll stick to smaller paintings (you can find some of my smaller ones in my shop).
LindsayLiving Room