our little train table is famous

When I looked through my blogs this morning I saw a lovely shout out from John & Sherry over at Young House Love mentioning our DIY Train Table. Clara is the lucky recipient of her own gorgeous train board now too. :)

When you post a creative project you hope to inspire others. In my mind, that's why you put it online. However even after setting your own project free on the web to inspire .... it's nice to see people mention the source of inspiration when they do their own. So this morning when I read their lovely post I smiled thinking of another little one enjoying a table as Oscar does. And smiled at the mention to our project.

The post also made me think of my Dad. After all, he was the one that he came up with the design for a train board 20 years ago (when he made it for my siblings). Dad would smile knowing a new generation of little train lovers enjoying train boards inspired by his. :) If you hadn't seen our train table before - I hope that it may inspire you. xo Lindsay