Big City to Smaller Town, and visa versa. Would you?

This past Tuesday I went on a little road trip with my Mom, and soon to be sister in law, Lindsay to an area outside of Toronto called Prince Edward County. Our mission was to check out a venue that Lindsay had found as a potential spot for their upcoming wedding. I had never been out to Prince Edward County before but even on that rainy day, I fell in love with the area.

The property has a farm house on it that was built in the 1860's. When we walked into the house my mouth dropped open. The wood detailing, the high ceilings. I felt like I was stepping back in time. I started to invision Christmas dinners in this old home that overlooked an apple field. It hit me so hard, this love of an old farmhouse, that I came home and started looking up properties for the nearby town (Wellington, Ontario) on MLS. But when I told Aubrey I was in love with the area (and looking at properties) his response was "That's nice. I'll be sure to come visit you". So that answers that question about moving to a small town.

Have you ever just itched to move completely opposite to where you are? I'm in love with the city - I've grown up in Toronto and love the access to everything. The hustle and bustle energizes me and I love downtown at night. But I wonder what it's like living in a smaller, quieter town. As we drive to the cottage I often wonder what the lives are like for the people that live in these small towns. Part of me itches to find an old farmshouse with lots of property and tackle it a-la Sarah Richardson. Have you ever wondered what life would be like, on the opposite side of the spectrum?