scenes from around the house

Just some scenes from around the house. Feels like chaos to me, but in reality I think it's what you would call "normal". ;) Our living room is filled with toys, a sleeping Mak The Cat in her usual spot, frames lacking art, a measuring tape on the couch as I was measuring for a new living room rug - that I finally ordered. :)  Once the kitchen is "done" I'm going to focus on the art in this room.
[Above] We've spent the last few nights figuring our handle placement and installing the gorgeous hardware via Hickory Hardware. It's the Studio Line in Polished Nickel. It matches with the polished nickel in our faucet ...which I've shown a sneak peek of. It is the most gorgeous, amazing faucet I have ever seen and it absolutely transforms the kitchen. It deserves it's own post, but for now I had to show it. :)