Sponsored: Ikea in the palm of your hand

Ikea contacted me to let me know about their new Ikea app and asked if I would be interested in trying it. As my Dad would have said "Do Pigs like Mud?" (We have weird sayings in our family)  99% of my DIY projects around here use Ikea - my Ikea Rast Hack, Ikea Kitchen bench projectDIY Desk that uses Ikea cabinets, my Sarah Richardson inspired frame project and my easy keepsake art trick that I do with their frames. And recently, Aubrey and I are in an out of Ikea a lot lately as we're ordering our kitchen cabinets through Ikea.

Before I get into the app - I'm not sure about you, but I shop at Ikea in 2 ways. There is the "Let's go and browse" visit, when you want to take your time, be inspired and even just linger in the market place seeing what is new. And then there is the "I'm on a mission" shopping trip - where being prepared and organized is key in making it a successful trip.

Read more about how this changes my shopping after the jump.

When it comes to the "I'm on a mission" trip here is how I have shopped: I would browse their website, find what we wanted, would print off the page, bring it with us to Ikea. Papers are lost, notes scribbled elsewhere. I think the comment "did you bring that page with you?" has been said to me on a few occasions as we're about to enter the store and then I'm frantically searching for our shopping list in the car. And I've forgotten to check stock, so who knows if a product is in the store. Chaos.

So jumping back to the app - within 1 minute of downloading the app, I knew I'd shop differently at Ikea because of it. All of the stresses that we have experienced in planning a trip to the store was eliminated by this little program.

You can search for products, create a shopping list, find a store closest to you, see the Ikea Catalogue, find product recalls - all in the palm of your hand as you're driving to the store, standing in the store or lying in bed at midnight, as you can tell from the screen grabs below.

So we're doing this kitchen, and part of the fun is finding the accessories. I decided to try to find the cutlery divider I want. Easy as pie. Photo in the top left: I found Interior Organizing products and there is the organizer I wanted. I click on it and a huge photo and product details are there [Photo, top right]. One more click and you see if your local Ikea has it in stock. It does? Well that is nice. Add it to your shopping list. YAY!

Kind of awesome. :) You can download the iPhone app here and Android App here. Thank you to Ikea for asking me to try it. I highly recommend downloading the app - it's free and may change how you shop! :) xo Linds

This post was sponsored by the friendly folks at Ikea. Photographs, words and opinions are 100% my own.