your ikea kitchens

I cannot begin to tell you how helpful your comments were on the kitchen. We're at a weird stage with it, which perhaps many of you were at too when planning? We're figuring out budgets, writing out plans on napkins. We've gotten a quote on our floor, drywall, and the biggest battle is the layout.
Although we're not 100% on Ikea kitchens, it's safe to say that they are a major player in our list of contenders. Lucky for me, that a number of you have awesome IKEA kitchens and shared them with me so here they are for you. (If you shared them via e-mail privately, which some of you were kind enough to do - I didn't want to post your photos- but I appreciated them and owe you a thank you e-mail!)

Some of your kitchens....

Awesome Ikea Kitchen Via the Blog, Our House Swoon. This is my kind of kitchen.

Blogger Kitchen: Moth Design - Link Shared by Jenny B (Thanks!)

Also, one commenter - Anna reminded me of Carol Reed's Ikea Blog Posts which are bookmarked on my end, and for those of you that may consider IKEA like I am, you may find the following blog posts helpful.

1. Carol Reed "Why I love Ikea Kitchens"
2. Carol Reed "Painting Ikea Kitchen Cabinest"

I'm kind of bummed but I had really liked the look of the Tidaholm doors, that are shaker style but I've heard they are no longer available. The next shaker style door is the Adel which we will consider. Anyhow, I thought these photos were so awesome of IKEA kitchens that I had to post. Right now in our kitchen Aubrey and I are in disagreement over where the fridge would go. Our first big decision, and sadly - we can't figure it out. I may just hire a designer to tell us where to put the stupid fridge. Bah.