Believing in the Good of People

Do you recall "Bloggers Give Back?" I initially blogged about it here on my blog, and it has its own website here. Essentially (for new readers) it is a charity initiative where this awesome group of bloggers (regardless of where they live) are trying to transform a garden for a a place called George Herman House, a home in Toronto for women living with mental health issues. Now, some delays and roadblocks hit us this Summer, and this Fall we found ourselves looking for a garden designer to help us transform this garden. Tuesday afternoon I went for a lovely coffee date with none other than Carson Arthur. (Photo, second row)

Carson was the host of Green Force on HGTV, Room to Grow on Global and, is a regular guest on The Steven and Chris Show on CBC. You know what else he is? Absolutely amazing and nice. And cutting to the chase - he is the garden designer for our project. YAY! I can't tell you what an amazing feeling it was to have someone of his caliber, join us.

I attended the George Herman Silent Auction at the Drake tonight, and Carson joined me at it so I could make an introduction to attendees. Here are some shots of the event. Oscar stayed for a bit, but Aubrey in the end brought him home. I mingled, and talked to people about this amazing project that has a group of awesome bloggers getting together. (You're welcome to join in)

So I was eager to post this because it made me so happy. I have renewed faith in the good of people. That people will come through, and help make differences for those less fortunate. So although this past week was stressful, having Carson stand up there tonight and talk about how he was excited to join our project, made everything fine. And now, I'm taking the next 2 days off to chill out. :)

If you want to follow Carson on Twitter, he is at @CarsonArthur

Photos from Top: Scene from the Drake, Carson with Stephanie and Sonia, who helped organize the auction, Oscar with my little sister (whom he adores), Aubrey with Oscar, who is chowing down on ice cubes (not sure that is the best thing but it makes his teeth feel good), and, the crowd at the auction.