Mood Board Using Ikea + Tonic Living

You may recall that not that long ago I posted about a charity initiative called Bloggers Give Back. (Which has since gotten its own website Two companies, Tonic Living and IKEA were among the first to get on board (see other sponsors on our site!).


So our Blog Crew got homework - we all had to come up with our own individual mood boards of the garden using IKEA and Tonic Living outdoor fabric. And, this Thursday we're all going to vote on our favourite over on the BloggersGiveBack site. I'm not going to lie, at first it was daunting but then I went a little crazy. Don't judge, I love graphics.

So here is my mood board. I incorporated privacy screens like DIY ones we made in our yard. I picture them in this yard to create some different "spaces" among the large space and some needed architectural interest. So, for this purpose I simply divided the yard into 2 distinct areas. The Lounge Area, and the Dining.  I also took out the grass in my look because the house asked for "low maintenance", and replaced it with stone walkways and beds of lavender and tall grasses.

1. Privacy Screens much like these 2. ARHOLMA Couch (Isn't it gorgeous!?) 3. ARHOLMA ArmChair  4. ARHOLMA Coffee Table (But could be extra seating) 5. Tonic Livings "Outdoor - Slick, Mink" used as accent cushions throughout  6. I lost the 6 circle somewhere, I think a groundhog ran off with it 7. HASSELÖN Table 8. Tarno Folding Chairs x 6  (Easy to store during the winter months)

Any ideas on what you think would make a good yard for a group of women? What do you think we should incorporate. I'm really looking for suggestions on how you think we could make this yard into a great space for the house.

A special thanks to the Sponsors of the Bloggers Give Back IKEA and Tonic Living. If you would like to donate or give product for the makeover shoot me an e-mail at