Nursery Standstill

Even though Oscar has joined us, the nursery isn't done. I mean, it's "done" in normal person terms, but you know us types, the ones that want to make a room "just right". (Yes, the term "neurotic" comes to mind)

For some reason I've found it hard to finish this room. Maybe it's because we're on a budget and doing things in stages, maybe it's because I don't really have a good frame of refrence for the design of this room. You see, all along I've known we were having a boy, but I've wanted to stay very much clear of "boy" themed rooms or rooms that were too babyish. I wanted to make this a happy place for Oscar to be as he grew up.


Certain areas of the room are amazing + complete. Our bookshelves (Left hand picture) that Aubrey made me are slowly getting filled up with amazing books that we've been gifted and I've inherited from my Mom. And the crib area (right picture) is awesome. Love it. I'm not adding bumpers, not adding crib skirts. I adore the art above the crib and I'm leaving this area as is.

So, where are the issues in the room?

(1) Drapes
As I previously blogged about, we got Ikea curtains. We're revisiting this. We're likely going to have custom curtains made and pass off the Ikea ones to family members - the Ikea curtains are letting in too much light, and I don't have the energy to add blackout lining to them. I'm pooped. I'm just picking the fabric and we'll bite the bullet and get them done right, so I stop talking about them.

(2) Bed Area
The is the area that I consider the problem biggest area in the room.


The single bed/couch -This area is driving me bananas. First of all, the bed is used ALL of the time, so the bed is staying. (But it would be so much easier to just take it out.) Secondly, the wall is painfully bare.

Here is my thought process...
  • I think I need to find a duvet cover for this bed as my jumping off point, and then make big pillows to match. I'm hunting in my spare time to find the perfect single duvet, with some nice colour to ground this area of the room.
  • Art above the bed - I'll probably figure this out after the duvet is picked, and I'll design something to match.

The funny thing is, is that all of this fretting on my part is silly because Oscar is OUR bedroom, sleeping beside me in the King sized bed every night!

(Good morning! Oscar enjoying the King Size Bed, not realizing the room across the hall is his)

So, I'm now trying to find a duvet or quilt for this bed. Suggestions on a duvet are welcomed, or any inspirational pictures? I've been eyeing Serena & Lily (this, this, this or maybe this quilt?) Problem is, they are pretty pricey. So you can see, my ideas haven't yet been clearly narrowed down, which is the biggest problem. ;)

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