Bulletin Board Project

As I showed in this post, our kitchen is dated, but far from awful. However, with hopes of "one day" redoing this kitchen we have resisted putting any money into it. Although I swore I would do little improvements to this room, there was one spot in the kitchen that I knew could use some TLC without any demo, a small investment (Under $40) but affect the usability of the room.

kitchen new 2
It is the space above the dishwasher in the far left hand corner. (Take a peek at the original post where I explain why it is oddly configured if you are at all interested)

So I decided that a little bulletin board would be perfect, pretty economical, and very useful, especially with baby coming when we need emergency numbers , or even emergency food take out numbers on hand. :)

I taped out the size that I thought would work and we headed to Staples and bought a pre-fabricated bulletin board around that size. We had originally gone to Home Depot to look at their bulletin board sheets but they were always banged up, awful, and much too thick which made finding moulding hard. But the ones at Staples were thinner, as they have to be lighter to hang in a regular house. So my recommendation is to just go to a business store and buy the board.


Aubrey took off the wood trim from the pre-fab bulletin board ....


And glued it to the wall. :) We then installed moulding around it from Lowes, to make it a bit more decorative. It was easy, economical, and to boot....very functional. (I cleaned off the mess of reminders I leave myself on the board for this picture!)

bulletin board complete

Ta-da. I am trying to decide what colour to paint the trim. I am having awful luck picking things these days so I encouraged Aubrey to just put it up, and one day I will pick a colour for the trim. But for now, the rustic wood is fine with me.