Hiding the Washer & Dryer

Part of the basement reno involved moving our washer and dryer from the back of the house to the front. (Here is a recap on why we moved these units and how we hid the gas meter. ) For the past few months, the washer and dryer are the the first thing you see when you walk down the stairs. Not so bad really, but we wanted some way to not make it obvious that it was laundry day if guests came over. ;)

(Above, the sight of our washer and dryer from in our kitchen, looking downstairs to the basement. You see laundry on the units, making it a little unsightly when laundry piles up)

Sometimes the seeming easiest of projects are the most daunting. I realized I was avoiding this project because I didn't know how to hang drapes in this awkward spot. At the suggestion of my Mom*, she said..."How about a tension rod?" I took our shower curtain + rod from our bathroom upstairs and brought it downstairs to test out. It worked. And then I forgot about having moved the rod, and then it made for an awkward showering situation that night as I was too lazy to go downstairs and get it. True story.

washer and dryer
(Above, tension rod fits perfectly in place above the washer + dryer)

We bought a new tension rod (so we could properly shower again) and added it above the washer and dryer. Then, with how to hang the drapes, we had to figure out the drapes themselves.

We bought 2 packages of Bomull Ikea White drapes (2 panels per pack $29.95 CDN) (Available here). These drapes I've used in our TV room and I really love them for their weight and how quite affordable they are. They come with tabs, making it a pretty easy handing solution. My Mom came to the rescue and shortened them because they were much too long. She hemmed them and sewed 2 panels together so you didn't have 4 wandering panels. (Now you have 2 very wide panels)


She also took the extra step to pleat them ever so slightly to make them a bit more streamlined. I'm not a sewer, (although have the best intentions to learn ) but the pleating looked relatively easy and made store bought panels look slightly custom.


Ta-da! Our little easy fix (thanks to Mom) to hide our laundry area. ;)

Quick note....Sometimes I think this blog should be called "Aubrey + Lindsay + Mom" because she seems to pop up a lot in my posts as the saviour of all projects!

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