Dressers in rooms other than the bedroom

I've been on the hunt for a dresser for the nursery for a few months now, and although I haven't found "the" piece, I've been enjoying searching Craigslist and other online search engines for a good quality used dresser. But in my hunt, I was reminded me that I have a love the idea of dressers in spaces other than bedrooms.

I've almost bought a number of dressers with the intention of possibly being in our living room, but I'm reminded of actually how small our room is, and how big most dressers are. House # 2, will most certainly have a big bow front chest in the living room or foyer. :)

Here is a roundup of some pictures to show you my obsession...



eddie ross
via Eddie Ross (Article on how to style a dresser)

Via Country Living


And although the following don't necessarily show "dressers" what they highlight is that a table creates a great base for showing artwork above...


1 (20)

1 (17)


So, here is a roundup of some antique/used dressers on the market right now. The right piece for the Nursery is #1 below. It is PERFECT. But, the price is not. And some of the others - not necessarily my style, and some just need a little elbow grease and love....


(1) Antique Dutch Mahogany Chest of Drawers Dresser, $1,660.00 US, Via Ebay (LOVE)
(2) Sideboard or Dresser, Around the Block, Toronto, $595
(3) Canadiana Pine Chest Of Drawers, from Green Spot Antiques, $325
(4) Chest of Drawers, Green Spot Antiques, $245 (+$110 deliver to Toronto)
(5) Chest of Drawers, $1,395.00 US, Ebay
(6)Chest of Drawers 'Character Piece' $495, Craigslist Toronto