Sneek Peek At Office

I've been reluctant to show office photos as there are some major outstanding things before this basement is checked off our list. We're waiting for our pocket door to be delivered for our Bathroom, we're tiling, and most importantly - decorating.

This past Christmas I got a present from my little Brother, that prompted me to do hang some art. (More on that below)

office 1

It's a small step, but for me to actually take the plunge and nail into the wall was momentous. My Bamboo chair, I need to pick a fabric for it, and I'm thinking of Orange like the one that is seen over on Style Court. (Link) Or maybe pink...*Sigh* This is why it hasn't been recovered since I bought them off Ebay.


First step - Hanging some art in the studio. I didn't want to do ALL of my own work, as staring at things that you've already done does little to ignite new creativity, so I want to add varying styles of work on the walls.

Alphabet Print - This print is special to me - It is one of my favourite prints that I do, with the name of our family Wheaton Terrier. :) I just love the colours, so it was an obvious choice to hang for me and keeps me inspired to actually keep trying to do more artwork.

In the Gold frame is a handwritten note - it is one of Aubrey's good morning notes to me. For the past 4+ years, Aubrey has always left me a little note saying goodmorning that I find when I come downstairs. Working in the News Industry he sometimes leaves for work at 4am, so our morning note ritual is one of my favourites. Most of our notes are all in books, but this one made it into a frame.

In the Black Frame, is my Christmas gift from my little brother Peter. For the past 6 months he has been collecting my old drawings of my "Penny People". (More on the characters can be read here) He scanned in old pictures and did a timeline of how they have changed over the years. This is the frame that prompted the hanging of some art, as it would be devestating if this got damaged.

UPDATE - January 13th, 2010: Ok, so I've changed the look of this area again. I'm obsessive compulsive  indesisive. *sigh* I'll post an updated look shortly! ;)